FAQ Do I needto book an appointment?
In order to serve you better we strongly encourage you to make an appointment.

How much do your gowns cost?
Our gowns range in price from approximately $300 to $8000. The average price falls between $700 and $2000 with styles above and below this price. As much as possible, we try to match your taste with your budget without sacrifice quality. we use the finest laces and silk-based materials, and the construction is incomparable. Aside from this, price point is based on the type of material, amount of material (volume), and amount of embellishments.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?
We recoomend to put on suitable bodyshape as you want to put on in your big day

How far before my wedding date do I need to order my gown?
The average lead time for our gowns to be made is 6-8 months. This being said, sometimes gowns can be ordered on a rush basis! . We recommend shopping for your gown about a year before to allow plenty of time for your gown.